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Hose Protection

We carry:

High Density
Spriral Hose Wrap

Low Density
Spriral Hose Wrap


Other models and products available. For more information on the type of product you need, contact our sales staff.

Heavy Wall High Density Spiral Hose Wrap

Black Pro-Tec-To Wrap™

We have 6 colors black, safety yellow, safety orange, navy blue, John Deer green, and a Cat yellow. This wrap is made from polyethylene. The wrap protects hoses from UV rays. The heavy wall protects the hose. It is spiral cut so it can be installed in minutes to an existing hose. The wrap offers maximum protection against crushing or abrasion. It is impervious to solvents and oils, etc. We start at ½” inside diameter and go up to 6” inner diameter. These sizes are great for independent hoses or for bundling several hoses together !! They bundle nearly twice their size.

Heavy Duty Thin Wall Flame Retardant Polyurethane Sleeving.

Safety Yellow
Pro-Tec-To Sleeve™

Heavy Duty Thin Wall Flame Retardant Polyurethane Sleeving.We have two colors, black and orangey-yellow. The sleeving, a tube of polyurethane, slides over the hose to protect it from abrasion and UV rays. The sleeve has a very high elasticity, to contain leaks, in the event of a hose blowing out. We start the sleeving sizes at 5/8” inner diameter and go up to 2 1/8” inner diameter. This smooth polyurethane tube does not hold grease like nylon or canvas sleeving.