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We carry:

American Reels
Coxwell Reels
Felton Brooms
Mercer Invincible
--Expansion Joints
Osbourne Punches
Reelcraft Hose Reels

Other models and products available. For more information on the type of product you need, contact our sales staff.


Multiple Arch Construction and Custom Design Joints For Special Requirements Available.


Completely Versatile Hand Built

Performance Features:

  • Pressures, vacuum ratings and temperature tolerance.
  • Minimum 4 to 1 safety factor at the rated pressure.
  • Components are pressure cured resulting in structurally sound, long service life.
  • Optional exterior coat of Hypalon paint provides additional protection against ozone, weathering and chemical exposure.

Construction Features:

  • Size range 1/2 to 144 inch diameter.
  • Manufactured in one to four arches or more in standard or longer than standard lengths as required.
  • Choice of eight liner elastomers.
  • Choice of cover to match liner materials or different materials for superior resistance to external conditions.
  • Baked enamel or galvanized ductile iron or carbon split back-up rings. Stainless steel alternate.
  • 150 lb. ASA drilling is standard. Other drillings or completely customized drilling as required. Opposite flanges can have different drillings to serve as transition pieces.
  • Reinforcement - Spiral steel wire or solid rings.
  • High temperature resistant fabric reinforcement for operating temperatures up to 400F.
  • Can be built with permanent offset to compensate for existing or designed piping misalignment.
  • Hand-built to your exact specifications.